New Release: Read More About Rocket.Chat 3.9

Manuela Massochin
December 7, 2020
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It’s the most wonderful time of the month: and by that we mean release time - Rocket.Chat 3.9 is here! To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, we listed the most important features and improvements of our newest version below. If you wish to view the original and full list, click here!

New features

2 Factor Authentication when using OAuth and SAML (#11726 by @Hudell & @MarcosSpessatto)

In previous Rocket.Chat versions, 2FA was only being enforced for users using passwords. This is a nice improvement on the security flow: users using different providers are now asked to complete the 2FA as well.

Added setting to disable password changes for users who log in using SSO (#10391 by @Hudell)

Users can now disable password for Single Sign-On. That prevents users from switching or setting passwords when coming from a SSO: if the user’s access via SSO is disabled, they no longer can log into Rocket.Chat.


ENTERPRISE: UI/UX enhancements in Omnichannel Monitors page (#19495)
ENTERPRISE: UI/UX enhancements in Omnichannel Priorities page (#19512)
ENTERPRISE: UI/UX enhancements in Omnichannel Tags page (#19510)
ENTERPRISE: UI/UX enhancements in Omnichannel Units page (#19500)
UI/UX enhancements in department pages following the design system (#19421)
UI/UX enhancements in Omnichannel Triggers page (#19485)
UI/UX enhancements in Omnichannnel Current Chats page (#19397)

As you can see from the list above, we’ve had many improvements on the Omnichannel pages! These pages have been re-written in React and our goal is to make all of these features look the same. 

Among the changes, there were some pattern enforcement on the buttons and adjusting some visual assets (such as highlighting required fields, for example).

Screenshots of UI/UX enhancements in Omnichannel Priorities page
Bundle Size Client (#19533)

The client bundle was reduced to under a megabyte, as well as other changes such as temporarily removing some codeblock languages and moving some libraries to dynamic reports. We also removed some shared code that was not being used by clients. You will experience a faster initial loading of the application and may notice some code not being rendered with highlights anymore, but be calm, code highlights will be available to be installed via the marketplace in the future.

Forward Omnichannel room to agent in another department (#19576 by @mrfigueiredo)

Omnichannel rooms can now be forwarded to agents in different departments by using an API.

? 27 Bug fixes

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