Product Roundup: What’s new in Rocket.Chat 6.9

Pavithra Sudhakar
June 14, 2024
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We are committed to ensuring our customers’ voices are heard. With every new version, we are actively seeking ways to enhance Rocket.Chat as an effective platform for communication, collaboration, and business goals achievement. If you've been with us since the start of the year, you'll notice we've introduced a new version practically every month, illustrating our unwavering commitment to constant improvement.

This month, we're introducing Rocket.Chat v6.9 which introduces exciting updates ranging from more straightforward user management to improved user experience for users and omnichannel agents. Read our blog for more insights into why you should consider upgrading to this latest version.


1. To streamline your user management tasks, we've introduced a new 'All' tab in the Users section of your Admin panel. This is designed to give you a comprehensive view of all users. We've also added a 'Registration Status' column, displaying each user's status - active, pending, or deactivated. These enhancements aim to simplify user management, provide clarity, and improve overall efficiency of your administrative tasks.

2. You can now continue to access downloaded files from a room, even after it's closed. This implies that any files uploaded during a live chat will be available even after an omnichannel conversation is closed. This degree of flexibility will enable you to have a comprehensive record of all conversation transcriptions, ensuring no crucial information slips through the cracks, even after a conversation is closed. 

3. We're introducing an update to improve user engagement in live chat sessions. Now, Trigger Messages will stay visible in the message list and in the correct sequence until the live chat session finishes. This feature ensures message continuity even when the page is refreshed multiple times, providing a seamless communication flow to keep your users well engaged.

4. We've made an improvement to your multi-selection process in omnichannel departments. Now, our dropdown menu features a checkbox design when multiple departments are chosen. This feature enables you to see selected options at a glance, eliminating any confusion when handling multiple items — either during department selection or determining which departments are permitted for forwarding. This modification simplifies your user experience and ensures a more efficient and hassle-free operation.

5. To enhance accessibility, we've updated the icon for read messages. Instead of a single check icon, it will now be a blue double-check icon. This change aims to provide a clearer, more efficient visual cue to identify read messages.

6. We've also improved the contrast of the scroll bar in both light and dark themes for better visibility. This adjustment adheres to the WCAG compliance criteria, ensuring a more user-friendly and accessible interface for all users.

7. We're making debugging easier for you. Now, you can find the Cloud Workspace ID directly on the admin info page!

Resolved issues

  1. The problem of not being able to change the global retention policy in channels has been fixed. Now, you have the flexibility to modify it as per your needs.
  2. The issue of LDAP or OAuth users resetting or creating their passwords, even when the change setting is disabled, is sorted. Now, the settings are much more secure and reliable. 
  3. The deletion of OTR system messages will now skip the trash collection and remain discreet as intended. This ensures more privacy for your messages.
  4. The ‘Info’ option for messages won’t appear in the ‘Actions’ menu if read receipts are turned off. This makes the interface much cleaner and easier to navigate. 

How to update your workspace to the latest Rocket.Chat version?
SaaS workspaces

The release happens automatically on our cloud, so no further action is required from your side. However, remember that updating instances might take a few weeks, so don't hesitate to contact our support team if you need to update your version sooner. 

Self-managed workspaces

Depending on the installation mode, you might need to update your server manually. Check out our documentation for instructions.

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Pavithra is a Product Marketing Manager at Rocket.Chat. She represents the voice of the customers and helps shape the voice of the product. She is highly passionate about bringing new offerings to the market. When she isn’t donning the hat of a Product Marketer, she tries her hand at multiple cuisines, lives a hundred different fictional characters through books, and enjoys playing badminton.
Pavithra Sudhakar
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