Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.14.0 is here!

Manuela Massochin
January 26, 2021
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Version 4.14.0

Release Date: January 25, 2020.


- iOS 11+

- Android 6+


- Encrypted discussions.


- Threads layout tweaks.


- Wrong username on push notifications.

- App Store using Experimental's app id.

- Wrong styling on E2E encryption banner.

- Server version becoming null on server change.

- Spotlight returning duplicated entries.

- Workspace input without i18n.

- Back button closing activity when on root stack screen.

- Messagebox missing style for text color.

- Messagebox tracking lost on pop gesture navigation.

- Share Extension hitting memory limit on iOS.

- Rooms list not being updated on some cases.

- ServerDropdown flashing bigger server icon.

- Server autocomplete text breaking line.


- Added Turkish.

- Updated Arabic.

- Updated German.

- Updated Italian.


- Refactor ServerItem.

- Remove some migrations.


- Updated Quick Start docs link in e2e/readme.

Check our full changelog here.

What To Expect Next?


Manuela is a Demand Generation Specialist at Rocket.Chat
Manuela Massochin
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