Say Hello To Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.15.0

Manuela Massochin
March 16, 2021
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Version 4.15.0

Release Date: March 15, 2021


  • iOS 11+
  • Android 6+


  • Deleted thread reply redirects to thread
  • Check for focused rooms on in-app notifications
  • Remove lodash.isEqual

Bug Fixes

  • Support Jitsi_URL_Room_Hash
  • Deep linking and other connectivity issues
  • Share extension not working correctly on Official app
  • Messagebox's placeholder color is too bright
  • Cannot read property 'some' of undefined on hasPermission
  • Reactions modal's backdrop color too light
  • Support chats order for older versions of the server
  • Limit new message list query size to 50
  • Use List.Separator in all places
  • System message of e2e encryption is missing
  • Temp message ignoring real name
  • App not sending second argument for EventEmitter.removeListener on some places
  • RightButtonsContainer re-render check not returning default value
  • Can't copy or edit media's description
  • DM rooms show typing status from last group room
  • Thread showing typing indicator from main room
  • Temp attachment files not being flushed after saved to gallery
  • Webview not falling back to default auth challenge when no cert is provided
  • Reply component sending unused prop to Description
  • Real name setting ignored on reply preview
  • App compressing videos on iOS
  • Breadcrumbs exceeding characters limit
  • Real name being ignored in SearchMessagesView


  • Use shortcut syntax for get collections
  • Add hold step for ios and android build experimental
  • Add permissions to Redux
  • Remove InteractionManager blocks
  • Update iOS profiles for Experimental app
  • BackdropOpacity based on themes
  • Remove unnecessary share reducer calls


  • Add missing Russian strings

Check out our changelog!

What To Expect Next?

  • Teams
Manuela is a Demand Generation Specialist at Rocket.Chat
Manuela Massochin
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