Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.16.0 is here!

Manuela Massochin
April 12, 2021
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Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.16.0

Release Date: April 12, 2021



- Basic Teams support

Teams feature was released on Rocket.Chat server version 3.13.0 and this new mobile version adds support for chat and navigating through channels. To learn more about the new Teams feature, click here.

Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.16.0
Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.16.0
Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.16.0

- User status icons

User status now have proper icons to better indicate the current state.

Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.16.0
Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.16.0


  • Add "Message" option to Room Info.
  • Load only i18n files needed.
  • Message attachment colors.


  • Clear local server cache not loading rooms.
  • Auth via deep linking not working.
  • Search stops working after some time.
  • Unable to search non-latin alphabet names on members list.
  • Status text not being updated on sidebar.
  • i18n not being applied on login/register labels.
  • Non-reply attachments displaying time.
  • Regex typo on markdown
  • E2EE password hiding automatically.
  • Search input not using the whole header space.
  • Custom OAuth and iframe login attempts being called multiple times.
  • Can't change status.
  • App crashing when attachment color is an invalid HEX.
  • Create discussion request being sent with null value on encryption param.
  • SSO not working with 2FA.
  • Attachment not rendering markdown.
  • App forgetting workspace when server is not finished added.


  • Refactor mention tracking logic.
  • Use JSON files for i18n.
  • Add status and teams icons.
  • Refactor RoomActionsView permissions.
  • Simplify server version comparison.


  • Add E2E tests to delete server.
  • Add e2e tests for mark message as unread.
  • Move threads tests to its own file.
  • Add E2E tests to discussions.
  • Add E2E tests to directory.
  • Add E2E tests to group DM.
  • Add E2E tests to draft message.

You can check out our Changelog by clicking here.


  • Jump to message
Manuela is a Demand Generation Specialist at Rocket.Chat
Manuela Massochin
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