6 ways workplace technology can boost productivity

March 8, 2022
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We are surrounded by technology all the time, and for most of us - it’s a big distraction from our work.

But technology doesn’t have to be a distraction. It’s actually quite the opposite, technology can act as a booster for your productivity. In independent research by Ultimate Software, 92% of employees say that technology helps them work better.

As a matter of fact, digital workplace relies on multiple technologies.

Technology is capable of solving a lot of our problems and it can also attempt to solve the problem of productivity in our workplace. We are already using technology more than ever due to this pandemic. Tech and tools have aided our productivity during work from home. 

Employees are being called back to work from the office, and it will be a difficult challenge for them to be more productive in the workplace after over a year and a half away.

So, the real question is: how might workplace technology help employees be more productive? Here are some of the reasons.

1. Ease of communication

workplace technology

Group chats are a distraction but at the same time, it connects us to everyone all the time. Due to this constant connection, workplace communication efficiency among employees increases manifolds. According to Digium, ease of communication can increase workplace productivity by an average of 52%.

The latest workplace technology is focused on uninterrupted communication. This helps employees get the benefit of connecting to the required person anytime. It leads to fast and effective business communication which in turn makes the employee much more productive. Such quick communication tools complete the work faster. Not only do they increase productivity but are also good for employees’ morale. The perfect example of such tools are instant messaging platforms meant for businesses.

It also makes it easier for employees to collaborate on various projects. Time wasted on miscommunication and unavailability decreases and employees get to enjoy a smoother workflow. This makes the workplace much more efficient and increases workplace productivity.

This type of workplace technology also saves a lot of money. SHRM shows that   $62.4 million each year to a company. This shows why it's important to use technology to maintain communication efficiency among employees.

workplace technology

2. Collaboration friendly

Most of the technology we are building nowadays is collaboration driven. Such workplace technology makes it easier for an employee to collaborate on various projects. This technology proves to be very effective even during remote or hybrid work. Here are some of the collaborative tools that enhance productivity.

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Automated Data Sharing

With automated data sharing, an employee doesn’t have to share everything manually. A simple workplace technology like this saves a lot of time for an employee. This enhances the productivity of an employee as they can use this time to do something more important.

It also becomes easier for employees to access data from each other. They don’t have to ask every time because the task is now automated. It keeps the workflow smooth and increases overall workplace productivity.

Note-taking made easier

Collaborative note-taking is a great way for employees to keep each other updated. It keeps everyone in the loop and lets everyone know about the progress of work.

Employees don’t have to wait around for updates and they also get to manage their work accordingly. These constant updates also help them to keep up with others. This saves time and keeps the workflow more structured and smoother to increase their productivity

Enabled virtual conferences 

It is much easier to hold a virtual meeting than an offline meeting. Holding a virtual meeting is possible from anytime and anywhere. It also comes up with lots of collaborative features like:

  1. Whiteboards
  2. Screen Sharing
  3. Virtual remote control

These meetings are much more convenient and lead to faster workflow even with teams. Workplace technology like these help in collaborating much faster and increases the productivity of an employee. 

Smooth project management

With access to workplace technology that promotes team communication and collaboration, project management also becomes an easy task. Even big projects are handled effortlessly with these tools. It makes the workflow much more transparent and increases accountability among employees. This becomes a contributing factor in increasing the productivity of an employee and workplace productivity.

Such a transparent workflow also builds trust among employees and forms a very strong work culture. It keeps them more motivated and goal-oriented which again shows an increment in their productivity.

3. Workflow automation

Workplace technology helps us automate a lot of tasks that were earlier done manually. Simple tasks such as data sharing, scheduling, and data entry can be automated. This saves up a lot of time and decreases employees’ workload. Employees not only get rid of such mundane tasks but also make room for more productive work. This makes them more productive as they get to allocate more time to important tasks. 

Automation also cuts down a lot of distractions caused by these tasks. In absence of such distractions, employees can work for long hours without interruption. This provides them with a much more focused environment and improves their productivity in a significant manner.

Workflow automation is also much faster and error-free. Unlike an employee, a machine can do multiple tasks making the work much faster and more efficient. At the same time, the chances of error by any machine are almost zero. This becomes an important part to keep the workflow in check and maintain workplace productivity.

4. Effortless remote work

As remote work becomes the new normal, there are signs that it can be far more productive than traditional methods of working. In a survey conducted by Coso Cloud, 77% of employees reported their work to be more productive and 52% of them are less likely to take time off work. None of this was possible without workplace technology. It has changed the way we are working and how we are going to work in future.

In a study carried out by IBM, 54% of employees would like to continue with remote work. Workplace technology provides employees with much more flexibility, and the time and energy that was earlier spent on commuting. All these benefits make employees happy and in turn, they are more engaged in the work they are doing. Employees become much more productive and also get a lot more control over their work-life balance.

workplace technology

If we are going to work remotely in the upcoming years, technology is going to be an important part of our work. Technology in the workplace is not just employee benefits but also increases their productivity in many ways. This will be a major factor in deciding the productivity of any workplace in upcoming years.

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5. Organized work environment

The possibility of scheduling work, productivity apps, mobile device management software and also time tracking is opened up by workplace technology. The combination of these tools makes the workplace much more organized than it can ever be. An organized workplace is very efficient and maintains a smooth workflow among employees.

Proper organization of work makes it easier for employees to be on track and use their time much more effectively. An organized work environment is easier to track which helps keep everyone accountable. This shows an increment in the productivity of an employee because he doesn’t have to be overwhelmed by the disorganization of work. It also becomes easier to point out where the employee is lacking. And adequate actions in such cases can create a much more efficient workplace.

6. Timely training to workforce

Skills and knowledge play a crucial role in productivity. A trained employee can drive greater efficiency, smoother work flow and bring optimized outputs. Organizations can setup a learning management system which enhances the base of employees with various industry ready courses and certifications. 


Technology can be a distraction but if we can use it in the right manner, it can be a powerful tool to make the best out of employees. During this pandemic, we have discovered the power of workplace technology and how it can be used to become much more efficient. It can be helpful in good team communication, smoothening the workflow, and collaborating efficiently to create a productive workspace. Workplace technology is going to be an integral part of every organization in the world very soon.

Author Bio

Shyamal Parikh is the Founder of SmartTask, an online work management / automation software that helps teams streamline their processes may it be sales, hiring, customer success or projects. He actively shares strategies and techniques that improve a team’s productivity. 

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