6 best chat apps according to developers

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October 18, 2022
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Providing efficient chat options to developers can help optimize workflow and increase your business’s return on investment (ROI).

Developers must stay aligned with their team when working on a project. Connecting them via a chat platform is the easiest way to do this. With the help of an adequate chat app, you can achieve project-based communication within your teams.

In addition to streamlining developers’ work, it allows them to increase their productivity and successfully design products well and on time. Based on research, we have curated a list of the best chat apps for developers to help you pick the right one for your team.

What makes the best chat apps for developers stand out?

Developers often need to share pieces of code, files, and links with their team. The appropriate chat app will not restrict their core functioning but enhance their collective capacity. The following features are a must-have in any good chat app for developers:

1. Secure encryption of message and data sharing

2. Voice and video calls, along with screen sharing

3. Customization and integrations with other tools and apps

4. UI or ease of usage

5. Freedom to share files, links, and code snippets without any hassle

Having ChatOps integration is also a big plus for your team. With chatbots aiding the process, your team can be more productive.

Curious about which one is best for you? Here are our top picks.


developer chat

Rocket.Chat helps the teams align and achieve high productivity by communicating with internal and external stakeholders on a single app. Being open source, it’s flexible for customizations, making it fun for developers. 

With its focus on secure communication, the app is available to host on prem and features end-to-end encryption. 


1. Compliant and secure platform

2. Omnichannel and Matrix federation capabilities

3. On-premise deployment

4. ChatOps integration 

5. Open API allows you to customize apps


The product comes with two basic pricing models and lets you add a chat engine, professional services, and support packages for additional charges.

1. Community: Free for all

2. Enterprise: $7/use/month or $35/agent/month

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developer chat

Focused on providing a seamless web experience, Gitter is perfect for developers who use GitHub frequently. It lets you share code snippets, highlight syntax, and chat freely. You can build a free space for collaboration in your team with Gitter.


1. Easy to use with a simple UI

2. Developers can format the messages with full Markdown and KaTeX support

3. It can be integrated with your site using Sidecar


1. It’s completely free to use.


developer chat

One of the best chat apps for developers, Slack lets you establish an organized and secure workspace online. Integrate it with thousands of tools and apps across the globe to improve your team's resources.


1. Create dedicated chat channels and share them with your team to collaborate

2. Converse without boundaries and share files directly from cloud storage

3. The advanced search mechanism lets you filter conversations based on context along with keyword search


Slack offers 4 different pricing models.

1. Free: avail all the basic features for as long as you want

2. Pro: $218/month; ideal for small teams who wish for better collaboration

3. Business+: $375.20; scale your business and deploy advanced features like identity management.

4. Enterprise Grid: customize your entire collaborative space with the flexibility needed for ambitious goals.


developer chat

Element is a secure communication option for developer chat across an open network with end-to-end encryption. Avail data sovereignty and bridge the gap with the help of an embedded live chat box.


1. Choose where your data is stored

2. Integrate with other messaging apps via Matrix federation

3. No limitations on room size, calls, videos, and messages

4. Quick and easy setup

5. On-premise and cloud deployment

6. Supports SSO, app customization, and auditing


Element’s pricing structure is a little elusive, but it allows developers to customize the platform as per their needs – personal, communities, and enterprises.

You can find details about their pricing on the website or by contacting their sales.


developer chat

Offering everything you need to get started for free, Mattermost is one of the best chat apps for developers. It is power packed with tools for enabling productive developer chats and easy workflow management.


1. Cloud deployment, as well as self-hosting

2. Customizable developer framework and an open API

3. Secure and compliant with in-built privacy features

4. Extend your reach by integrating webhooks, plugins, etc., into the platform

5. Allows you to code collaboratively and automate repetitive manual tasks with great ease


1. Starter: free forever

2. Professional: $10/user/month

3. Enterprise: you can get a quote from them according to your requirements


developer chat

Pumble, a free developer chat app, lets you format messages, highlight code snippets, and react to message updates with emojis. You can stay updated with smart notifications on your devices even if you are away from the desk.


1. Organize conversation threads with the help of direct messages, distinct channels, and mini-conversations within the thread

2. Easy sharing of files and links with teammates

3. Voice and video calls 

4. Screen sharing enables you to present ideas during virtual meetings

5. User-friendly interface with dark theme and customizable sidebar


It is free for all users.

Which one should you choose?

Your developer chat platform will aid your online workspace where teams collaborate and craft your company’s success. Ensure you get the right tool after carefully assessing your requirements without compromising security.

While connecting chat for developers with external teams, make sure that the Matrix federation powers the platform.

The best chat app for developers lets them play around and customize it. They will appreciate the tool and be more efficient if it is an open-source platform. We recommend you go beyond just chatting and look for extended features such as video conferencing if your team often communicates this way.

Rocket.Chat is a comprehensive platform with multiple features that aids collaboration across the board and makes its integration in your workspace completely seamless.  Try it for free today!

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