NPS: all you need to know about Rocket.Chat’s user survey

Lucia Fallavena
August 6, 2021
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To assess user satisfaction and make Rocket.Chat’s user experience even better, we’ll start rolling out NPS surveys starting on September 6th, 2021. In this post, you’ll learn how we plan to roll them out to users ensuring the protection of your data privacy in the process.

First things first: What is NPS?

NPS is a survey composed of one single question: “Would you recommend this company to a friend?”. By asking that, it’s possible to measure the willingness of users to recommend a product – and ultimately their satisfaction with it.

How can NPS help Rocket.Chat's users?

NPS can be a significant tool to help us empower users by adapting Rocket.Chat according to their needs. In the long run, NPS will help our team:

  • Build a better product and user experience
  • Develop and prioritize features aligned with our users’ needs
  • Get accurate user feedback on what needs to be fixed or improved

How will the NPS survey work?

NPS surveys will be sent every six months: we will gradually roll out the surveys, starting with Cloud workplaces and later including self-managed workspaces. The estimated frequency for running the survey is twice a year. In order to receive the NPS survey, the workspace needs to be registered on Rocket.Chat’s Cloud. More details on how the survey will be released:

  • Admins should be notified 21 days before the NPS goes out.
  • Every workspace user will receive the survey on the same day.
  • All users will be invited to review Rocket.Chat and leave an optional comment justifying their score.
  • It’s possible to check NPS details right from its open code.

How will NPS data be collected?

We will register all feedback received through the NPS as anonymous. No personal or PII data will be collected. Here’s the data that will be collected from users answer the NPS survey:?

From every user who takes part in the NPS survey:

  • An anonymous and unique hash value per user. The hash is created locally in a SHA256-hash of the combined User ID and NPS ID.
  • The User ID is an individual server value, which is not shared outside of the NPS server.
  • The NPS ID is a string to identify the specific NPS survey campaign.
  • From the hash itself, user ID and NPS ID cannot be reversely identified.
  • The user role (e.g. guest, admin)
  • The numerical NPS score of the user (a number between 1-10)
  • Any optional comment from the user (e.g. “I like the emojis a lot!”)
  • The workspace ID, a string related to servers which doesn't detail specific user information.

I don’t want to receive the NPS survey. How should I proceed?

Our users have total freedom to disable the NPS survey. Simply follow the steps below to switch NPS off:

  • Access Rocket.Chat > Administration > General > NPS
  • Uncheck “Enable NPS Survey”
  • Once the setting is turned off, the NPS survey stays off indefinitely.

Call to admins: help us make Rocket.Chat even better

We fully believe in NPS as a game-changing tool to help us keep exceeding users’ expectations and empowering companies to make communications their own. We hope to count on your support at this new stage as this survey can provide invaluable insights and user feedback to our product team.If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to:

Product Marketing Manager at Rocket.Chat. Lucia keeps our readers informed about the latest Rocket.Chat product news & improvements.
Lucia Fallavena
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