Product Roundup: What’s new in Rocket.Chat 6.4

Pavithra Sudhakar
September 28, 2023
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We are thrilled to announce that Rocket.Chat 6.4 is now live! This latest version is packed with a host of exciting new features and major enhancements that we believe our users will love. 

But we're not stopping there. We're already hard at work on the next version of Rocket.Chat, which we believe will be even better than the last. Keep checking this space for more updates on the upcoming version. 

Introducing a dashboard for Omnichannel Reports

In this latest version of Rocket.Chat, the Omnichannel feature set welcomes a valuable addition: the Reports dashboard. This new feature organizes important customer support data in a user-friendly format. It provides an overview of important information, such as:

  • Conversations per Status
  • Conversations per Channel
  • Conversations per Department
  • Conversations per Agent
  • Conversations per Tags

By selecting predefined time ranges or custom periods, users can uncover hidden trends and patterns in the data over a period of time. 

One of the best aspects is that administrators, managers, and supervisors can export the data to a CSV file, allowing for extensive cross-referencing and insights. The Reports dashboard not only offers metrics but also actionable insights. By understanding how support inquiries are distributed across different channels, departments, and agents, users can efficiently allocate resources. Additionally, analyzing the data on the Reports dashboard enables users to identify areas for improvement, enhance customer interactions, and strategically improve team performance. 

The Reports dashboard will display metrics similar to the existing Analytics dashboard but with enhanced visualization, new metrics and segmentations. As we progress, the older Analytics dashboard will be eliminated to better streamline the product. However, during the transition period, both dashboards will coexist, giving users ample time to explore and adapt to the new possibilities. This dashboard is supported for the workspaces on commercial plans. Please refer to our technical documentation for more information.

Threads now available in Federated Rooms 

Have you ever experienced the overwhelming bombardment of disorganized, unread messages? Especially those that involve a constant back and forth. Frequently, teams struggle with unstructured communication. That's why message threads are a solution to the chaotic messaging environment. 

Threads in Rocket.Chat help to arrange discussions and allow users to talk about topics without creating chaos in a room. They enhance the ability to process room content, track, follow, and resume conversations more effectively. 

In version 6.4, we are introducing the capability to have threaded discussions in federated channels, enabling you to organize your discussions across federated channels and collaborate without interrupting the flow of the conversation. Threads in federated channels usually consist of replies or subsequent conversations. When collaborating externally, you don't need to worry about keeping track of information or monitoring important discussions. The ability to have threaded conversations adds an asynchronous element to messaging, reducing the burden of constant hyper-awareness. This functionality is available to Community and Enterprise workspaces.

Ringer functionality for the mobile app

In version 6.4, we are implementing the feature of ringing the users before initiation of a call in the mobile app. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred provider for audio and video calls. From version 6.4 and above, when you receive a call in Rocket.Chat, it will ring in your mobile app too.

If the Rocket.Chat app is active, the incoming call will be displayed as a notification within the app. If the Rocket.Chat app is running in the background, the incoming call will have a calling experience as that of your phone. You can either accept and join the call room or decline the call.

Revamped layout of sidebar for admins

The admin panel's sidebar has undergone a transformation, featuring a fresh layout that accentuates clarity by rearranging, renaming, and repositioning items. Our aim is to improve navigation and efficiency for admins while maintaining a balance between information scent and density. Check out our documentation for more details on the navigation and what’s changed. Users on our Enterprise plan will begin to see this revamped layout of the admin sidebar from versions 6.4 and higher. 


  1. We are introducing a new LiveChat condition — After guest registration — that allows for automated and contextual messages in the LiveChat channel . This enhancement provides more precise controls over message timing, thereby aligning with each user's journey. Refer to our technical documentation on how to get started with this new trigger.
  2. When a user attempts to invite someone to a federated room, we are introducing the ability to verify their external Matrix IDs. Users can now obtain an accurate picture of the status of invited users, including whether or not they exist. 
  3. When creating a new password for a user, the password policy requirements of the workspace are suggested and highlighted. If the password does not satisfy the requirements, the user will not be created. 
  4. In this latest Rocket.Chat update, we are presenting the capability to delete video conference messages. The channel owner will now have access to the message menu for these call-related messages.
  5.  Rocket.Chat 6.4 offers improved filtering choices for both public and private channels. We have now modified the UI to better reflect these filtering options. 
  6. Our admin panel has undergone some rearrangements. The federation v1 card on the Info page will be eliminated. The federation v1 will be completely removed in version 7.0. We strongly recommend users to leverage Matrix Federation instead.
  7. Several menus in Rocket.Chat, including the kebab menu in room headers, the message dropdown menu, and the user menu, have been neatly organized and grouped to reduce cognitive overload when selecting options and enhance navigation.

Resolved issues

The following bugs have been addressed and resolved in Rocket.Chat 6.4: 

  1. In terms of the Outlook Calendar integration, we have implemented a placeholder when no content is provided for events, especially for private events. 
  2. The login screen for the Outlook Calendar integration now supports keyboard navigation. Users can use the spacebar to select the option "Remember my credential," and the login popup will close as intended.
  3. Filters for unseen and seen app requests will only be visible on the Requested Apps page, not the Explore Apps page, as intended.
  4. At the time of user registration, if a password doesn’t meet the specified requirements, they will all be listed while trying to set a new password for the user. This will help the user understand the complete list of password requirements. 
  5. The issues with the engagement dashboard have been resolved and fixed.
  6. A solution has been implemented in version 6.4 that allows users to create custom emojis using the FileSystem method.
  7. The problem related to displaying message actions for message blocks created during conference calls has been resolved.
  8. The issue with custom translations has now been addressed and fixed.

How to update your workspace to the latest Rocket.Chat version?
SaaS workspaces

The release happens automatically on our cloud, so no further action is required from your side. However, remember that upgrading instances might take a few weeks, so don't hesitate to contact our support team if you need to update your version sooner. 

Self-managed workspaces

Depending on the installation mode, you might need to update your server manually. Check out our documentation for instructions.

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Pavithra Sudhakar
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