Rocket.Chat listed as a preferred collaboration platform for the public sector by the Swedish Government

Manuela Massochin
February 3, 2022
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Digital transformation in the public sector is already a reality. More than ever, public sector organizations are becoming aware of their need for digitalization. Even so, change is not always easy since public-sector organizations have high standards and specific requirements for online solutions.

Data privacy is government agencies’ top concern; they’re the ones that should set the bar when it comes to protecting users’ information. Putting people’s data at risk is simply not an option.

The thing is, governments shouldn’t need to spend additional resources to protect information from the suppliers they choose. That’s why Swedish government agencies such as the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, and the Försäkringskassa put together the study Digital collaboration platform for the public sector.

In the report, they highlight some advantages of open source software solutions and aim to provide alternative solutions to popular cloud services.

“A few of these alternative solutions even seem to perform better than US cloud services and are already being used by several public-sector organizations. (...) The overall aim [of this report] has been for the report to benefit the public sector by facilitating access to the benefits of digitalization”
Quote from the Digital Collaboration Platform For The Public Sector report

You can download the full report in Swedish here and in English here.

Permanent Chat Rooms: Rocket.Chat was their pick

According to the report, companies that have adopted a chat solution have made a conscious choice to move away from email — and there’s significant interest from public sector organizations in starting to adopt this kind of solution. 

According to the report, chat rooms are the central feature to which the remaining features connect. To be considered for this category, the solutions needed to easily integrate with other tools and allow collaboration between other tools through federation.

Rocket.Chat was one of the platforms that best met their requirements. Besides its own built-in federation support, it was also perceived as the most user-friendly solution.

The report

“Instead of choosing a racing car that can only be driven on an enclosed track in Sweden, we opt for a simpler, more robust vehicle that can be driven freely on the roads. In other words, legislation and cybersecurity should no longer be considered limiting factors – on the contrary: they enable the use of appropriate solutions"
Quote from the Digital Collaboration Platform For The Public Sector report

The goal of the report was to capture a snapshot of the market and identify solutions that offer a suitable digital collaboration platform for public-sector organizations, either individually or in combination.

Check out the companies mentioned under each category:

Permanent Chat Solutions


Video Conferencing



Cisco Meeting



Mattermost Boards





Nuiteq Stage



File Storage



Looking for a reliable communications platform?

Organizations all around the world have already chosen Rocket.Chat as their main chat tool, including the Government of British Columbia. Not only Rocket.Chat is ISO27001 certified, but it is also compliant with the highest security standards and regulations such as GDPR and FINRA, making it the ideal messenger app for the public sector. 


Check out how easy it is to get started!

Manuela is a Demand Generation Specialist at Rocket.Chat
Manuela Massochin
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