A Quick View of Rocket.Chat Mobile 4.10

Lucia Fallavena
August 10, 2020
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Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.10 goes live today and we couldn't be more excited! :)

Check out the new features, improvements, bug fixes, and user experience development efforts made by our team.

Version 4.10

  • Release Date: August 10, 2020


  • iOS 11+
  • Android 5+
  • Rocket.Chat server 0.70.0+

Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.10 Highlights

Push Notification Data Privacy

  • The Rocket.Chat server sends only the identifier of the message to the app, which requests the rest of the content
  • This way neither Google Firebase Cloud Messaging nor Apple Push Notification Service have access to the content
  • This feature was release on version 3.5.0 of the server (link here)
  • This feature is available on Enterprise only
Add deep link to Jitsi calls
  • Now the app is opened directly when a Jitsi URL is pressed


  • New mention/badge colors
  • Performance improvements on lists
  • All dependencies updated
  • React Native 0.63
  • Add analytics events

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hanging on splash screen when deep link params are wrong
  • Fixed long press gestures not working properly on Android


  • Move Detox to Github Actions
  • Only run Flipper in debug via MainApplication is debug
  • Update Flipper to 0.51.0

Sneak Peek: What To Expect Next?

E2E encryption in mobile chat: This feature will ensure that only the user and the person who received the message can decipher the messages

Product Marketing Manager at Rocket.Chat. Lucia keeps our readers informed about the latest Rocket.Chat product news & improvements.
Lucia Fallavena
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