Why should you always stay current with Rocket.Chat version updates

Pavithra Sudhakar
October 17, 2023
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Updating to the latest version is a vital part of digital housekeeping, and shouldn’t be skipped. Every time you postpone an update, you are exposing your system and information to security threats. How exactly?

Outdated software may harbor security flaws that malicious parties can exploit to gain unauthorized access and take advantage of sensitive data. By choosing not to update to the latest versions, you are missing out on the newly introduced features and enhancements that can improve the overall performance and experience of Rocket.Chat. 

Additionally, running outdated software can put your business at risk of compliance violations. Depending on your industry or location, certain regulations may require you to use updated software. Failure to comply can result in fines or even the closure of your business. 

Top 5 reasons why you should always update to the latest Rocket.Chat version

1. Bolster security

Addressing security vulnerabilities is crucial as cybercriminals take advantage of publicly available knowledge about Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)  that make your organization an easy target. 

Regular updates enable you to adapt to the ever-changing security landscape.

By regularly updating your software, you ensure that your device and data remain protected from the latest online threats by receiving the most up-to-date security patches. Ignoring this fact puts your unpatched software and, more significantly, the data stored within it at risk. 

2. Enjoy new features

Updates go beyond just providing security updates. With every version we launch, our teams work relentlessly to deliver exciting new features and major enhancements.

Besides new and improved features, updates also bring speed enhancements, which improve the user experience. The appeal to update lies in the fact that these additions can enhance the quality of using Rocket.Chat, thereby maximizing your return on investment

3. Access Rocket.Chat cloud services

We have deprecated access to cloud services for workspaces running unsupported versions of Rocket.Chat that are outside our support window. To know which versions are currently supported, please refer to our version durability document.

Without access to these cloud services, the collaboration efficiency in your workspace is likely to plunge. The following cloud services will be deprecated for workspaces running unsupported versions:

  • Mobile Push Notification Gateway: Since this gateway is essential to set up push notifications for workspace members, access to this service will be restricted only to supported versions of Rocket.Chat. 
  • Live Chat Omnichannel Proxy: The omnichannel channels — Instagram Direct, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram — that rely on secure messaging proxy communication will be interrupted for unsupported Rocket.Chat versions. 
  • Marketplace Apps: Admins will not be able to purchase apps from our marketplace or install them in unsupported workspaces. 
Refer to our version durability document for more information on the supported versions. If you are running an unsupported version, we recommend you to update to the newest version of Rocket.Chat for continued access to cloud services. Read the updating Rocket.Chat documentation for information on how to update to the latest version.

4. Reduce costs and maintenance 

Although upgrading systems may seem like a costly endeavor, the reality is that outdated systems often come with a higher number of problems, ultimately resulting in increased expenses. Legacy servers require extensive maintenance and have high operating costs. The expenses incurred from running legacy, unsupported versions can swiftly surpass the investment required for updating.

5. Leverage Rocket.Chat apps

Updating software is also essential for maintaining compatibility with new apps and services. The latest apps launched by Rocket.Chat are incompatible with legacy server versions. If you want to leverage the newest apps to get everyday work done, it’s quintessential to update to the latest version to achieve compatibility with the new apps.

Additionally, the desktop and mobile apps will be compatible only with supported versions of Rocket.Chat. Users will no longer be able to use the desktop and mobile applications if workspaces are running an unsupported version of Rocket.Chat. To know which versions are currently supported, please refer to our version durability document.

The bottom line

Staying up-to-date with the latest version of any software has become increasingly important in today's digital world. By staying on the latest version of Rocket.Chat, you can get the best experience possible and protect your data from security risks. 

The newest version of Rocket.Chat always contains the latest features and enhancements that can improve user experience and performance, and patches for security vulnerabilities. 

Furthermore, we are following the standard industry practice for software companies, including commercial open-source software (COSS), by deprecating support for legacy versions. By doing that, we are able to focus on continuous improvements to Rocket.Chat.

Update to our latest version at all times and get the best out of Rocket.Chat. 

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Pavithra Sudhakar
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