The 6 best patient communication software platforms

Sara Ana Cemazar
November 17, 2022
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Patient communication software platforms are management systems that streamline communication with patients. Clinics and other healthcare-related businesses use them to improve patient experience and increase operational efficiency.

Today, patients want a different way of communicating with their healthcare providers. With new technological developments, patients are more likely to choose and stay loyal to clinics that communicate digitally. A good patient communication platform enables scheduling and rescheduling appointments, opting for medical exams, getting test results online, and communicating with medical professionals over chat.

It is also necessary that such software follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other data privacy regulations while communicating with patients or sharing data with third parties or vendors.

This article explores the best patient communication software platforms and what sets them apart.

Key features to look for in a patient communication software

First, let's discuss what are the most important features of a patient communication platform. The following items will help you communicate with your patients securely and avoid accidental HIPAA breaches, as well as improve patients' experience:

  • HIPAA-compliant texting
  • appointment scheduling
  • automated appointment reminders
  • open API to connect with your EHR system or dental practice portal

With the last item on the list, you will easily connect the communication platform with your infrastructure and have a clear, connected system in place.

There are more features you could look for, but the ones mentioned here will allow you to do the core thing: engage with your patients on digital channels and improve appointment attendance rate.

6 best patient communication software platforms

The evolving virtual life and increasing cybersecurity threats indicate the need for better communication in the healthcare industry. Here’s a list of the most efficient HIPAA-compliant patient communication platforms for you to choose from:

1. Rocket.Chat

patient communication platforms

A secure patient communication software that is compliant with HIPAA and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Rocket.Chat brings together patients, co-workers, and vendors. None of your patients will be required to download yet another app to connect with you — the omnichannel feature allows them to reach out easily via voice, video, chat, SMS, or social media.

Healthcare providers worried about data sovereignty can self-host this ISO 27001-certified software by choosing on-premise deployment. Rocket.Chat is an open-source healthcare software with features like role-based permission, a ticketing system, and access to complete chat history to improve patient satisfaction.

Moreover, Rocket.Chat serves as a HIPAA-compliant alternative to Slack, meaning it can be used for internal team messaging and collaboration.

Get started with Rocket.Chat’s secure collaboration platform

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patient communication platforms

In terms of security, RXNT is certified by ONC-ACB, Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS), and is HIPAA-compliant. This patient communication platform enables healthcare providers to optimize administrative tasks with the help of efficient features, including electronic health reports (EHR), patient history, and patient kiosks, and focus on caring for patients.

With RXNT, there’s room for flexibility. You can choose the most suitable software package for your organization's needs with options like patient management or telehealth software and save time.

3. Jotform

patient communication platforms

Enhance patient satisfaction with the Jotform Health app by collecting their details through forms (offline or online) and streamlining the whole process. Professionals can also easily access appointment details, bill payments, and electronic signatures.

It is a HIPAA-compliant survey tool that is easy to use. You can send secure surveys to patients and gain valuable feedback. In addition, this patient engagement software enables the safe sharing of data through integrations with 100+ software tools, including Dropbox and Google Drive.

4. Weave

patient communication platforms

Weave, a unified HIPAA-compliant patient communication software, enables you to automate repetitive tasks and collect more reviews, among other things. Professionals can use dedicated software channels for medical, dental, optometry, veterinary, and other services.

This patient engagement platform lets you interact with customers according to their preferences (over voice, SMS, chat, and email) through a single inbox, making it easier for them to schedule appointments and pay. Weave also aids in increasing customer loyalty with automated scheduling, reminders, and payments.

5. RevenueWell

patient communication platforms

RevenueWell has several patient communication platforms – RevenueWell Phone™, Teledentistry Software, ADA TV, Dental Office App, and Text Messaging For Dentist – specially designed to fulfill dental-specific needs.

You can invest in this easy-to-setup software to help more patients and build a sound reputation, no matter the size of your organization. It has features like video conferencing, call transfers, real-time chat, and many more to enhance patient satisfaction.

This communication software keeps you updated about upcoming appointments on the go while allowing you to check patient history before meeting with them.

6. SolutionReach

patient communication platforms

This patient communication software gives you the most flexibility when offering business solutions. You can choose the specialization needed — from dental to radiology — and send appointment reminders to patients or collect more reviews.

Features like social media management, online scheduling, and referrals enable you to invite users to your social media page or website and convert potential leads into active patients.

How can a patient communication software improve your business?

Although people’s primary concern is getting the best treatment, they are likely to switch to another doctor if they do not receive the right diagnosis or face stilted communication. To keep patients loyal, you must focus on providing better services and proper healthcare. Some of the benefits of investing in a good patient engagement platform are listed below:

1. Decreases operational costs

When you plan to digitize your practice, managing different software for appointment scheduling, payments, and patient history can be expensive and exhausting. You can significantly reduce overhead costs by choosing a unified patient communication software.

2. Connect with patients easier

A good communication platform enables you to efficiently respond to patients' queries and have them come in for an appointment if necessary. More robust software allows you to communicate with patients through a single inbox.

3. Improves the patients’ experience

Being able to book appointments, check reminders, and make payments easily helps increase patient satisfaction. When people are happy with the healthcare services you provide, they will likely stick around and recommend you to friends and family.

4. Optimizes staff time 

The traditional appointment-making process is time- and resource-consuming. You can streamline the process by automating repetitive tasks. This will give your staff time to focus on the more important tasks.

Communicate with patients efficiently and securely with Rocket.Chat

Many people find it difficult to communicate with their doctor’s office and want a better system in place.

There is a significant increase in data breaches in the healthcare sector. The total cost of data breaches in the healthcare industry in 2020  was about $13.2 billion. In light of this, investing in secure, HIPAA-compliant patient communication software is vital.

Rocket.Chat offers a safe passage with high standards of security for patient engagement with multiple features, including Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), single sign-on, and active directory, making it a worthwhile investment for growing your practice.

Learn more about increasing patient satisfaction levels by improving their in-app chat experience. Get a free trial of Rocket.Chat or contact us to talk to an expert.

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