Is Microsoft Teams HIPAA compliant? 5 alternatives to MS Teams for healthcare

Sara Ana Cemazar
August 31, 2023
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Microsoft Teams has become a known name in enterprise communication, seamlessly integrating chat, video conferencing, and file sharing. During the pandemic, Microsoft Teams' healthcare usage soared from 44 million to 115 million users in just a few months.

But when it comes to healthcare, where patient data is both sensitive and regulated, a crucial question emerges: Is Microsoft Teams HIPAA compliant? 

The short answer is that Microsoft Teams surely offers features catering to HIPAA standards, but it's not just about having these features. It also depends on how they're applied. Real HIPAA compliance isn't a tick on a checklist; it's an active, ongoing effort.

In this blog, we will:

  • Dissect the intricacies of Microsoft Teams in the healthcare industry
  • Explore its HIPAA compliance capabilities
  • And shed light on viable alternatives to ensure the utmost data security.

Let’s begin!

Why the manner of using MS Teams matters

For many tools geared toward HIPAA compliance, their proper configuration according to the Security Rule is only the starting point. What truly influences the risk of accidental breaches is how the tool is used. According to research, 88% of data security breaches happen due to human error.

It's no different with HIPAA compliance. Sharing Personal Health Information (PHI) in the wrong channel or leaving your phone unlocked with PHI visible counts as HIPAA violation.

Moreover, the virtual nature of telehealth can increase the risk of HIPAA slip-ups. Issues may arise if there's uncertainty in a patient's identity or if they're in a place where the confidentiality of PHI is hard to maintain. 

88% of data security breaches happen due to human error. HIPAA compliance isn't a tick on a checklist, and it depends on conscientious use of MS Teams and other communication platforms.

Thus, it's imperative for healthcare professionals using Microsoft Teams to exercise caution, ensuring that any sharing or handling of PHI strictly adheres to the Privacy Rule.

Is Microsoft Teams HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, Microsoft Teams can be HIPAA-compliant. But it's not automatic. Even though Microsoft Teams has the right features, you must use it correctly. This means following certain rules and guidelines. These include:

1. A Crucial First Step: BAA (Business Associate Agreement)

Before using Microsoft Teams for any healthcare-related tasks, ensure you have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Microsoft. This is a requirement under HIPAA for any third-party service provider handling protected health information (PHI).

For a simple illustration, think of a hospital keen to integrate Microsoft Teams for communication. They can't just start the software and begin discussing patient cases. First, they must seal the deal with Microsoft by signing a BAA.

2. Guarding Access: The First Line of Defense

HIPAA’s initial Technical Safeguard emphasizes "Access Control". This ensures that only authorized personnel can access electronic PHI. This mirrors the essence of user access controls in Microsoft Teams, where granular permissions determine the extent of access, depending on one's role. 

For instance, a hospital might grant access to a patient's dietary needs to a nutritionist but restrict detailed medical histories. Microsoft Teams lets you grant or restrict access based on the user's role.

3. Encrypt The Data

Encryption ensures that data, whether it's on the move or at rest, remains a scrambled, unreadable mess to anyone unauthorized. It’s like having a secret language that only you and your team understand.

4. Maintain Audit Logs

Maintaining logs is like having CCTV footage; it offers a way to track, review, and investigate activities. This is crucial for accountability and transparency, especially in the healthcare industry. Should there be a data breach or suspicious activity, the logs serve as a playback, detailing who accessed what and when.

5. Embrace Modern Authentication Methods

With features like multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO), Microsoft Teams strengthens the fortress around your data. These aren’t just fancy terms but robust ways to ensure that the person accessing the data is indeed who they claim to be.

According to Microsoft, MFA can block over 99.9% of account compromise attacks!

5 alternatives to MS Teams for healthcare

While Microsoft Teams is a commendable choice, there are other platforms crafted to meet the stringent requirements of healthcare communication.

Let’s dive into the top five alternatives to MS teams for healthcare.

1. Rocket.Chat

is Microsoft Teams HIPAA compliant

Rocket.Chat emerges as a prominent HIPAA-ready messaging platform tailored to healthcare's unique demands. It offers end-to-end encryption and ensures absolute confidentiality in every interaction. 

Some of the unique features of Rocket.Chat includes:

  • Flexibility to work in consonance with the existing tech stack
  • Collaborative framework
  • Easy scalability to serve the increasing number of patients and healthcare stakeholders
  • Seamless integration with platforms like Slack and Skype
  • Omnichannel engagement to connect with patients via SMS, email, or video.

With an emphasis on operational efficiency, Rocket.Chat also helps streamline workflows, and fosters enhanced patient engagement. It's considered one of the most secure messaging apps for healthcare.

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is Microsoft Teams HIPAA compliant

Tailored for telemedicine, offers healthcare professionals a user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant platform for video consultations. With no app or account required for patients, it simplifies the virtual care experience.

Some unique features of include secure video calls, virtual waiting rooms, and seamless EHR integration. Its commitment to accessibility and privacy has made it a preferred choice for clinicians seeking reliable virtual patient engagement.

3. Twilio

is Microsoft Teams HIPAA compliant

Twilio, a dynamic tech platform, opens a world of communication possibilities. It rolls out live patient chat, SMS, messaging, voice, and video conferencing under one roof – all customizable to meet HIPAA compliance standards.

Primarily API-driven, Twilio empowers businesses to craft tailor-made customer or patient experiences. For those looking for an out-of-the-box solution, Twilio Flex offers pre-built tools for creating contact centers. Incorporate live chat, messaging, and more while seamless integration with other software streamlines patient care and enhances communication.

4. NexHealth

is Microsoft Teams HIPAA compliant

NexHealth, a patient-centric platform, brings HIPAA-compliant online scheduling software to medical practices. Dental clinics, hospitals, and doctor offices benefit from efficient patient appointment management.

Ensuring privacy, NexHealth adopts strong HIPAA security measures for SMS texting. From encryption during transmission to strict data retention policies, patient data remains safe. A Business Associate Agreement further solidifies their commitment. 

5. pMD

is Microsoft Teams HIPAA compliant

pMD shines as a HIPAA-compliant chat catering to healthcare providers. This dynamic solution offers real-time and unlimited capabilities for chat, video, and voice communication. Healthcare professionals can securely engage with colleagues and patients using pMD's messaging app, ensuring patient data privacy.

Microsoft Teams in healthcare: yes, but...

In conclusion: MS Teams can be used in the healthcare industry, and can be used in a HIPAA-compliant way.

But, there are other chat solutions designed specifically for healthcare providers, insurers, and Health Tech companies. Some solutions are built for team collaboration between medical staff, while others include patient messaging features.

Even though Microsoft Teams is a household name in the tech world, other chat solutions might offer special capabilities to improve operational efficiency and communication in the healthcare industry. Moreover, they're built with HIPAA compliance in mind.

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